Tamarind Villa 

© Tamarind Villa, St Lucia 2014

"How strange to be in this vast, opulent villa in St Lucia by myself. I wander through the seven double bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. White walls, high ceilings, dark-wood floors, high airy rooms with ocean views - where in this wilderness of elegance shall I sleep? I settle on an upstairs room with a four-poster bed and a balcony the size of a cricket pitch. Where shall I drink alone? Between the balcony, the veranda, the deck and the gazebo by the swimming pool, there are at least a dozen prime drinking chairs, and every time I sit down with my glass of rum, I feel like sitting somewhere else. The sun is setting over the Caribbean: the landscaped gardens are full of flowers: mangos and limeshang ripe on the trees."

As described in the Travel section of the Saturday Telegraph newspaper 28 July 2012.



Sleeps 15 (+ cot)

Housekeeper/cook 6 days a week

Groundsman/Gardener 6 days a week

Wireless internet access